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Salzburger Lehrerhaus Choir
With a program rich in variety, the choir of the Salzburger Lehrerhaus takes part in different cultural events during the winter semester. They perform at the Christmas Market in front of the Cathedral, in the Old City of Salzburg and at the Christmas Celebration in the dorm. In the summer semester the choir performs at the spring and summer celebrations in the house.
Rehearsals take place every Monday at 20 o’clock. If you are interested in joining the choir, just come by.

Brass orchestra – music with joy
The brass orchestra is a band organized by young students. Everyone from Mozarteum students to hobby players and enthusiastic beginners is welcome to join.
The Lehrerhaus offers musicians the opportunity to use the concert hall and the rehearsal rooms, and also to rent instruments. The dorm is happy to lend a helping hand to its musically talented students.
Music has been part of community life since 1962 bringing joy and versatility. Celebrations and parties in the house are always accompanied by the brass orchestra. Come and join the band!
All residents are allowed to use the practice rooms and organize events in the concert hall.

Free time facilities
A football and volleyball court in the garden, a library, two fully equipped fitness rooms, table tennis and table top football, as well as a billiard/ pool room are available for all residents of the house.
In order to keep life in the dorm interesting, different sports tournaments and competitions and also parties and theme events are being organized during the academic year.

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